The Hack is back! Hack the Classroom will be streaming live on the Microsoft Education Facebook channel from ISTE in Philadelphia–Tuesday, June 25th from 6:15 p.m. to 7:10 p.m. EST! After the Facebook event, we’ll be switching over to Twitter around 7:10 p.m. EST for a live Q&A with our presenters and studio audience.

  1. RSVP & join us Tuesday, June 25th from 6:15–7:10 p.m. EST on Facebook here. Please note: the livestream will kick-off from our Microsoft Education page, but we will add a direct link to the livestream on the event page as soon as we are streaming live on Tuesday, June 25th.
  2. Join us on the @MicrosoftEDU Twitter channel and ask our speakers your questions immediately after the Facebook livestream.

What’s it all about?

Hack the Classroom is a live, digital event devoted to changemakers in education and the passionate innovators driving student-centered learning. Join us and learn from educators who are integrating technology in order to better connect with and support students as they become active and engaged learners. These determined educators will generously share their techniques and philosophies for creating better student outcomes so that you can apply them in your own classroom the very next week! These events are interactive, so join, ask questions, share and connect with educators from all over the world. You can check out past events and see last year’s Hack the Classroom live from ISTE here.

Who’s in the live event this time?

This Hack the Classroom will focus on student-centered learning and how supporting students’ social and emotional well-being can improve all aspects of learning. During the live event, we’ll debut our next Changemaker story about Microsoft Innovative Educator, Samantha Skubal from Chicago, Illinois.

We will also be sharing stories from superstar students and teachers from the I Promise School in Akron, Ohio, who’ll share how they’ve embraced our free Hacking STEM lessons in their classrooms.

Tune in to see:

  • Jessica Tozzi, I Promise School(Ohio, US), share how her school is empowering students through a focus on social-emotional learning.
  • Samantha Skubal, Sterling Morton District(Illinois, US), show how she is providing real-world, future-ready experiences through their Technology Internship Program.
  • Luis Oliveira, Middletown H.S.(Rhode Island, US), demonstrate how he is supporting autonomous learning for English Language Learners through Immersive Reader and Flipgrid.
  • Jen Padernal, De La Salle University Night College(Philippines), provide her top tips for engaging students through a virtual classroom in Microsoft Teams.
  • Toney Jackson, Nellie K. Parker Elementary School(New Jersey, US), close us out again with another original poem that will leave you inspired.

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