New Microsoft Learning Tools teacher training resources for reading, writing, math and communication

Children and Teachers using Microsoft technology

As more and more educators learn about the Microsoft Learning Tools across reading, writing, math and communication, the demand for high quality, easy-to-use, and fast professional development and training has grown.  To help schools more readily take advantage of the free and inclusive tools that are available to all, we’ve put together a set of tools for help, support and our 4 new interactive training guides :hundred_points:  Built-in, mainstream, non-stigmatizing, and free!


Microsoft Learning Tools – general help and support links


Immersive Reader


Inclusive Writing


Inclusive Math



Inclusive Communication

We encourage all schools and educators to use and share these helpful resources.  Many schools already have all of these tools, but aren’t yet aware :face_screaming_in_fear:  We hope this helps you spread the words and ensure all students and educators in your schools are able to use the free tool for the inclusive classroom
Mike Tholfsen
Microsoft Education Product Manager

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