Discover how service-learning can ignite your students’ love for knowledge and develop their skills to be future-ready citizens.

For many years, Microsoft has partnered with WE Schools to help bring experiential service-  learning programs to life. Through these efforts, students explore and take action on critical issues—from anti-racism to STEM and the environment—and gain important social and emotional learning skills such as resilience, empathy, and problem solving. 

And while service-learning may look different today than it did just a short time ago, technology has enabled students to continue to make a real impact from anywhere. By incorporating technology into their service-learning, students can take their actions even further and amplify their voices globally.

Tech for Good was designed to support educators with free, easy-to-use digital tools to help students give back to causes they care about. The Tech for Good guidebook is a step-by-step guide, aligned to ISTE Standards, that includes real examples of service campaigns and tech tools that can help students expand their impact.

By definition, service-learning is an approach to learning in which students explore problems in their school, their community, and the world, then develop plans to solve them and take action. Service-learning can help young people find purpose—a core component of psychological well-being—and empowers students with the skills, knowledge, and motivation to bring positive change to themselves and the world. 

Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts around the world have facilitated incredible service learning experiences for their students. 

Krupali Sanghvi from India is one of many educators who has seen the power of Tech for Good. In India alone, more than 50,000 educators have accessed Tech for Good resources. From the United States to the United Kingdom, and from Mexico to Malaysia, educators are inspiring their classrooms and building connections.

From creating interactive maps of community resources in order to combat food insecurity, to creating online resource centers and virtual issues boards to raise awareness, the possibilities for helping students build meaningful connections are endless.   

Tech for Good resources to help you reignite your students’ love of learning and help them build key social and emotional skills, stay engaged, and make a difference are available to educators for free globally.

Learn more about how to integrate service-learning into the classroom with WE and Microsoft and get started with Tech for Good.