In the last few years, schools around the world have experienced an incredible pace of change. As challenging as this time has been, it has also opened the door to an unprecedented opportunity to transform education programs. Institutions are now shifting their focus to a truly learner-centered approach using technology and new learning tools.

Today we recognize the achievements of those institutions that make up the new and returning cohort of the 2022-2023 Microsoft Showcase School program. This program represents a global community of K-12 schools that harness digital transformation to create immersive and inclusive experiences that inspire lifelong learning and empower students to achieve more.

These Showcase Schools are distinguished by their commitment to education transformation and have leveraged Microsoft’s Education Transformation Framework to drive a culture of learning, innovation, and continuous improvement. Their hard work is reflected in improved learning outcomes for their students and an increased focus on future-ready skills.

Listen to the podcast “Leading Innovation: What school leaders are thinking, saying, and doing today” to hear from Showcase School leaders about challenges they faced and how they overcome them.

The vibrant online communities of Showcase Schools come together to tackle challenges, celebrate successes, share learnings, and try new solutions using Microsoft Teams. These communities are also supported by Microsoft and our partners through capacity building, transformation guidance, amplification opportunities, and early access to research and solutions.

This year, we would also like to congratulate the following education systems for their visionary leadership; they leveraged the Showcase School program to build internal capacity and enable organic growth

  • Philippines Department of Education
  • Ministry of Education Bahrain
  • Ministry of Education Oman
  • Madeira Region
  • Broward County Public Schools
  • Millennium Education Management
  • Discovery Schools Academy Trust
  • Greenwood Academies Trust
  • IGC Group

Congratulations to this year’s Showcase Schools and Showcase Systems!

We would like to also welcome our new and returning cohort of schools joining the incubator path of the Showcase School program. A big welcome to them and congratulations on starting this journey! View all the schools in the incubator path.

Join the Microsoft Showcase School program today

If you are a school leader who is interested in joining the Showcase School program, please follow these steps:

All schools joining the program start on the incubator path to begin or expand their transformation journey. When a school reaches the Showcase School criteria, they can then apply to become a Showcase School.

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