Get into the back-to-school groove! It’s that time of year when we say goodbye to summertime activities and welcome the rhythm of the school bell once again.

There is something special about the start of a new school year, something that fills the air with anticipation and joy. Nothing beats the feeling of opening a new pack of markers, flipping through a new textbook, or hanging up a new poster. And after a long and quiet summer, the school hallways and classrooms come alive with the voices of students and fellow educators.

Going back to school means seeing friends after the long break and a reunion with the educators who make stepping into the classroom feel like a homecoming. From the moment you walk through the doors, the friendly faces of your students and colleagues welcome you with open arms, making the transition from vacation mode to learning mode a smooth and cheerful one.

“It’s August. Time to get ready to get ready. But you GOT this. To help you get back into the teaching groove, Microsoft Education has made this uplifting video featuring CURIO’s Catch the Groove. It’s sure to get you moving and motivated to do the most important work there is—teaching! Thank you for all you do.” - Paige Johnson, VP Education Marketing at Microsoft

We know that this school year will bring new adventures and challenges, but we are sure that you will crush them and continue to amaze, encourage, and educate your students. The video is a tribute to the joy and passion that you bring to the classroom, and also a reminder that you are not alone in your journey. We’ve got your back with resources, trainings, and cool new tools that will make your life easier and your students happier. Join us as we embrace the new academic year with open hearts, renewed enthusiasm, and unwavering support for the incredible educators who make it all possible. Here's to the joyous journey ahead – wishing you all a fantastic year!