It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Computer Science Education Week! All year round, but especially December 4–10, 2023, we aim to inspire students to engage in computer science with opportunities to learn about AI, advocate for equity in digital careers, and become responsible coders. 

With at least 9 out of 10 jobs requiring digital skills and demand continuing to grow, education institutions worldwide are integrating computer science into curricular requirements. At Microsoft, we want all learners to be confident in their digital skills and have opportunities to develop the skills needed for their future careers. Learners who have access to computer science in school tend to perform better in reading and math and develop skills sought by employers like analytical thinking and problem solving. 

With a wide array of opportunities from Minecraft Education, Microsoft MakeCode, and Flip, we’re thrilled to provide educators and students with engaging and easy to access resources during Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) and throughout the year. From professional learning experiences to game-based computer science activities, learners will be able to explore new skills to become safer, smarter, and more confident online, opening potential career opportunities and raising awareness of responsible technology use. 

Start your planning with the CSEdWeek Resource Guide

The Microsoft Philanthropies Technology Education and Learning Support (TEALS) Program's 2023 CSEdWeek Resource Guide is carefully curated to help you plan an inspirational week for your students. The guide includes events, Hour of Code activities, and more from Microsoft and our computer science education partners. Check out this useful resource and sign up to get the guide


Plan an inspirational week for your students with the 2023 CSEdWeek Resource Guide from the Microsoft Philanthropies Technology Education and Learning Support (TEALS) Program.

Do the new Minecraft Hour of Code with your students

All students deserve opportunities to explore AI technology to understand its implications, access career pathways, and be empowered to safely, confidently navigate an AI-powered world. Designed for anyone ages 7 and up, Minecraft Hour of Code: Generation AI is a fun, accessible way to explore the fundamentals of coding and responsible AI. Register to join a free Hour of Code Play Along on December 6, 2023, and let your learners engage in the Hour of Code lesson alongside a guest presenter and other classrooms tuned in around the world.   

 Minecraft’s Hour of Code inspires learners to learn coding basics and essential principles of computer science, all while encouraging thoughtful discussions around responsible coding and AI development. Get involved with CSEdWeek and do the new Minecraft Hour of Code!  

Explore cybersecurity with Minecraft Education’s full curriculum

Boost learners’ awareness of cybersecurity, online safety, and digital citizenship with Minecraft Education’s full cybersecurity curriculum progression. Resources include information about cyber career pathways, lessons aligned to and CSTA standards, and family engagement strategies. Minecraft Education helps learners ages 7 to 18 build the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves and their data in our growing digital world by allowing them to practice in a fun and immersive experience. 

 The Cyber Skills Curriculum not only familiarizes students with digital citizenship and cyber ethics through critical thinking learning experiences but also covers essential cybersecurity topics such as digital footprints, phishing, password protection, and comprehension of encryption, malware, and ransomware. Learn more about teaching cybersecurity concepts with Minecraft Education in this self-paced Microsoft Learn module

Minecraft Education empowers educators to bring coding into any classroom and demystify critical topics like cybersecurity and AI. Educators have access to extensive computer science education resources, with opportunities for differentiated and student-centered instruction, inclusive standards-aligned content, and professional learning. 

Build coding skills at all levels with Microsoft MakeCode and Visual Studio Code for Education 

Microsoft MakeCode Arcade 

Microsoft MakeCode is a free online platform that brings computer science to life for all students with fun projects, immediate results, and both block and text editors for learners at different levels. MakeCode Arcade empowers students to create their very own Arcade games online! Try out the new Sparks Flying Skillmap or the Sparks Flying Junior tutorial to build a simple and fun clicker-style game. Check out the educator resources for the Sparks experiences and create games with your students this CSEdWeek! 


Try the new Sparks Flying Junior tutorial from MakeCode and create a fun clicker-style game with your students. 

Visual Studio Code for Education

Visual Studio Code for Education is a free online version of one of the most popular professional code editors in the world, optimized for learners. This year for CSEdWeek, challenge your students to explore Spooky Manor and code their own Python text-based adventure game! Learn more about Visual Studio Code for Education and bring the world’s leading code editor into your classroom. 


Challenge your students to explore Spooky Manor and code their own Python text-based adventure game.

Discover careers in coding with Flip

Minecraft Education and Flip are also joining forces for an engaging opportunity that focuses on careers in coding in honor of CSEdWeek. The Careers in Coding event, happening December 7, features robotics technologist Kamak Ebadi from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. His story promises to ignite the STEM dreams of every student and aspiring space enthusiast. During the event, he’ll discuss the power of coding in shaping future careers and share about NASA's Artemis missions. 

Take part in the experience and register for the free Careers in Coding event. You can even submit your video questions in the Careers in Coding with NASA & Minecraft Flip Group for a chance to be featured in the event! 


Check out the Careers in Coding Flip event with NASA and Minecraft experts, happening December 7, 2023.

To extend student learning after the event, learners can code their way to the moon with Minecraft Artemis: Return to the Moon, developed in collaboration with NASA. 

Continue computer science learning long after CS Education Week

There’s plenty of learning to be had with so many Microsoft, Minecraft Education, MakeCode, and Flip opportunities to choose from before, during, and after CSEdWeek. Ready to explore even more complex topics like AI? Check out these resources to learn more. 

Microsoft aims to inspire students to engage in computer science with opportunities to learn, make, and do. From our professional learning experiences to game-based activities, learners can discover new skills to help access career opportunities and thrive in computer science—during Computer Science Education Week and throughout the year.