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Video for What’s New in EDU Live: Bett Day 2

What’s New in EDU Live: Bett Day 2

Announcing new tech to support inclusive classrooms, plus highlights from “Emotion and Cognition in the Age of AI” keynote. Day 1 of Bett is a wrap, but that was just the beginning of our What’s New in EDU Live series! Today we’re focused on ways to support the unique needs and abilities of both students and teachers, especially in light of research showing that... Read more

Video for What’s New in EDU Live: Bett Day 1

What’s New in EDU Live: Bett Day 1

Announcing new tools to help you transform classroom time and personalize learning for all students. We’re rolling into the first day of Bett with the first of three live episodes of What’s New in EDU! The Microsoft Education team is in London all week, where we’ll be streaming the show each day at 5:00 p.m. UTC and going deeper into all the exciting updates... Read more


Teaching and assessing math, reimagined with Microsoft Education

From the earliest years, children begin building foundational skills that will help them solve complex math problems. They develop spatial reasoning as they play with blocks, understand concepts like “more” and “less” at snack time or the dinner table, and begin to categorize by attributes as they group their stuffed animals. But somewhere between the play-filled... Read more

Video for Microsoft + Made by Dyslexia: Helping students with dyslexia thrive with technology

Microsoft + Made by Dyslexia: Helping students with dyslexia thrive with technology

It is estimated that one in five students has dyslexia, yet there are likely far more who have not yet been identified in today's classrooms. These students, whose language based learning difference causes a deficiency with phonological processing when learning to read, are often mistakenly labeled as having a learning disability and, as such, make up approximately 70 to 85... Read more


Using OneNote Learning Tools is a school life-changing experience

We would like to share our experience using OneNote Learning Tools at St George´s College North, a bilingual school in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. After attending Microsoft E2 Educational Exchange 2015 in Seattle and learning the possibilities OneNote Learning Tools had to offer, I had to encourage my learning community to explore the potential for using... Read more


How OneNote and Immersive Reader promote independence and accessibility for students with autism

It all started last October. I was well into my first year of teaching second, third and fourth grade in a self-contained classroom for students with autism. My focus was to equip students with the social, academic and emotional skills needed to be members of their community. I was implementing eight behavior plans, three reading interventions, two math interventions, and was... Read more