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10 new features for going Back to School with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Education gets to do something pretty incredible every day: work with educators across the world to create engaging classroom experiences. At the heart of our products is the brilliance that teachers and students always bring to the table. So, for Back to School 2018, we're returning some of that infectious learning energy with some very exciting updates in... Read more


Back to School season gets easier with live tips and hands-on help from #MicrosoftEDU

The Back to School season is a hectic period of behind-the-scenes work for educators, school leaders and IT leaders who want their students to walk into a seamless, appropriately set up classroom. Hectic doesn't have to mean hard, though, and the Microsoft Education Team wants to be there for you while you set up your digital classroom, save time and improve learning outcomes... Read more


What’s New in EDU: Live from ISTE 2018

Educators from across the globe are bringing their passions, experiences and big-change ideas together again for the 2018 ISTE Conference and Expo, kicking off this week in Chicago, Illinois. And if forward-thinking teachers and time-saving tech advancements are going to be there, that means What’s New in EDU is going to be there too. We’re debuting brand new episodes... Read more


How two teachers connected schools, languages and over 100 students for one big project

The following story comes from Alberto Herráez Velázquez (@alberto_hv) and Mario Herraez Velazquez (@mmarioherraez), two educators who took inspiration from a field trip to go big with a fun project that spanned several schools, classes and two language. A note from Alberto: I was born in Salamanca, a beautiful city in the west of Spain, in 1993. Currently, I live in... Read more

Video for What’s New in EDU: New Learning Tools, Office and OneNote updates to inspire your inclusive classroom

What’s New in EDU: New Learning Tools, Office and OneNote updates to inspire your inclusive classroom

In the wake of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we're dedicating our latest episode of What's New in EDU to the educators working so hard to give students confidence, comfort and control of their own learning. And while making your classroom inclusive is a good for all, you don't have to do it all by yourself. This month, our round-up of the latest efforts and products... Read more


Free PD: Join our Microsoft Learning Consultants for online webinars this spring

What are you doing to keep yourself going until the end of the school year?  Maybe it’s extra time in the gym, getting lost in a new book series, taking a plunge in the pool, or grabbing yourself an extra cup of coffee - all of which sound fantastic, by the way. But who says the learning stops just because the school year is almost over? We've got some super engaging ideas... Read more