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Video for 1 Week to Skype-a-Thon 2018: Join us to celebrate global learning and open your students’ hearts and minds

1 Week to Skype-a-Thon 2018: Join us to celebrate global learning and open your students’ hearts and minds

If you want to give your students something they can’t wait to go home and share around the dinner table, and keeps them interested and curious for days, participate in Skype-a-Thon. And if you want to give your students something they’ll never forget from their time with you as their educator, participate in Skype-a-Thon. It’s just a week away and an event you don’t... Read more

Transforming Higher Education to address the skills gap

Digital transformation is reshaping every aspect of our lives – how we live, learn, and work. This transformation impacts the skills students need to succeed both in the workplace of today and in the future, when they will be tasked with solving the most complex issues of any generation in history. As a company, Microsoft has a vested interest in the skills economy that... Read more


Beat the back to school blues with student hacks you can use all year long

Kick up your coursework a notch and get (virtually) organized with this rundown of back to school tips, tricks, and time savers.   But first things first …   Free stuff 101: Did you know that any student — yes, you — can use apps like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for free right now, no strings attached? If this is news to you, head over here,... Read more


3 Weeks until Skype-a-Thon 2018: How to prepare for one of the biggest learning events of the year

The countdown to this year's Skype-a-Thon has begun. Nearly half a million students and teachers around the world are getting ready to connect beyond their classrooms via Skype to travel 14 million virtual miles. They’ll talk with guest speakers and other schools and take virtual field trips to exciting places across the globe. This 48 hour event... Read more


Teaching and assessing math, reimagined with Microsoft Education

From the earliest years, children begin building foundational skills that will help them solve complex math problems. They develop spatial reasoning as they play with blocks, understand concepts like “more” and “less” at snack time or the dinner table, and begin to categorize by attributes as they group their stuffed animals. But somewhere between the play-filled... Read more


#MSFTEduChat highlights: Global collaboration and #skypeathon

The multilingual #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet of October 16 was all about global collaboration and the upcoming Skype-a-Thon. Read our announcement post, October’s #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet gets you ready to go global with #skypeathon, for the full details and resources. Participants from all over the world joined us for the TweetMeet last Tuesday. Several of our hosts were so... Read more