ICT sophistication leads to business innovation – Australian Bureau of Statistics

A report, Business Innovation and the Use of Information and Communications Technology, published last week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports a direct link between the sophistication of ICT use in a business and the way that business innovates in improving its products and services.

There’s a good summary of the report on the CIO website, but basically what the report says is that businesses that adopt technology earlier are more likely to be innovative in how they run their business. The research was originally carried out in 2005/6, and has just been updated.

From an education perspective, I wondered two things:

What is the ICT Intensity Index for Education?

Is there an educational equivalent of the four measures that they use to create the "ICT Intensity Index", which is the core metric in the report that they use to measure ICT innovation?

Business ICT Intensity Index Education ICT Intensity Index
Has a broadband connection Has high capacity
broadband connection
Has a web presence Has website that delivers
learning resources at home
Receives orders via the Internet Students submit homework
assignments online
Is using IT to a ‘high’ extent in at least 5 business activities Is using IT to a ‘high’ extent across both teaching, administration and communications

Is there a relationship between ICT Intensity and Innovation in Education?

Is the relationship that they see in the research in business, that same for education establishments? Are schools, colleges and universities that innovate early in technology more likely to innovate in their delivery of their products and services (ie teaching and learning)? And, if so, does that show up in today’s measures of success (exam results, attendance, behaviour)?