Reducing IT costs in education – Part II

Last week, when I wrote about reducing IT costs in education, I talked about saving money by cutting down power bills. And there are plenty of other ways to reduce IT costs in education. Not every way is going to be right for every school, TAFE or university, but how about this pile of suggestions that might have something perfect for you:

Pennsylvania Charter School saved $45,000 a year by changing their expense reporting and asset tracking systems, using SharePoint 2010 [Read more]

Oxnard Union High School District saved $160,000 a year by switching off their old PBX systems, and introducing Lync Server – and also increased the availability of telephone services for staff [Read more]

Florida Virtual School will save $2m over the next five years by switching from using Lotus Notes to our Cloud email and collaboration services [Read more]

Fraser Public Schools in Michigan saved $600,000 on their new email and collaboration system by using the [email protected] Cloud service, instead of replacing their in-house system [Read more]

The European University Institute saved $345,000 by moving to the Cloud for email too [Read more]

Dundee High School saved $15,000 by using Windows MultiPoint Server to replace end-of-life computers in their IT suites and library – reducing the amount of hardware they needed, whilst improving the student experience [Read more]

Aston University, in the UK, save $300,000, by replacing existing email service with [email protected] [Read more]

And finally, Palm Beach State College saved $500,000 by consolidating their technology, and streamlining their IT operations [Read more]

I know that saving money is only one aspect of IT service delivery, but if you need to improve the service you deliver whilst also reducing IT costs in education, then perhaps there’s some examples above that might help?