What is a Learning Platform?

Whatever phrase you use – Learning Management System/Learning Gateway/Learning Platform/VLE – the idea of providing an interactive learning environment for students, staff and parents to access 24 hours a day can be difficult to explain in simple terms. Especially to people with different perspectives on what it should be.

Can I recommend the following video – it’s a great cartoon style explanation of a ‘learning platform’ – which is the UK-centric phrase for a Learning Management System. Featuring my two favourite characters – Mr Spleen, the Geography Teacher, and Miss Print, the school business manager.


There’s a really important message, supported by research, that comes at the end:

  Of course, by itself, the learning platform isn’t going to transform anything. It will all be down to how the staff and students use it.  

It’s something to remember when it comes to looking at implementing systems – sometimes the technical features take precedence over the change management planning – and in the case of learning management systems, that can be a million dollar mistake.