Curtin University using Microsoft CRM to connect students to industry

Globe iconYou have to hand it to Curtin University – they must have a pretty savvy PR team, because they always seem to pop up in industry news sites. Today they’ve done it again – appearing on the global ZDNet site for their use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for managing their student engagements. Although there are already plenty of case studies of education users of Microsoft Dynamics, many of them focus on student recruitment and alumni management. The new ZD Net story on Curtin University focuses on Curtin’s use of Dynamics CRM  Online to build stronger connections between their students and industry. Specifically, they record and reward students who attend industry events that help them build wider knowledge and connections:

The idea is that students earn points for attending events where they gain knowledge and make contacts. If they build enough of those points, they can become part of a select group that can attend special events. The ultimate aim is to make students more engaged and “graduate ready”.

…the university decided to use Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM online as a backbone to build its own performance portal using .NET, with [Heath] Wilkinson [Director of Business Systems at Curtin] saying that it presented a lot more flexibility for customisation.

“We’ve basically taken the CRM online core relationship management functionality and built our requirements from there,” Wilkinson said.

What is also discussed in the article is the fact that they are using the Cloud-based version of CRM, as it reduces the system administration for the university, and increases availability.

The university worked with CSG, one of our education partners, to customise the CRM system to meet their exact needs (something that builds on their education experience built within projects like the child safety project in WA and  the NT Department of Education and Training.

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