Reducing computer lab costs in schools with Windows MultiPoint Server

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I’ve written before about Windows MultiPoint Server and the theoretical cost savings identified by Forrester.

The idea with Windows MultiPoint Server is quite easy to explain – you basically have a group of screens/keyboard/mice connected to a single computer – and each users gets a full Windows 7 desktop. And you save on hardware, electricity and management costs.

Now I can point you to more detailed real-life case studies from schools using the system.

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Windows MultiPoint Server in Indian classrooms

In India, the Gulzar Group of Institutes has used it to reduce the cost of rolling out 120 stations in one big computer lab. Their original plan, to deploy 120 desktop computers, would have cost them $60,000, but using MultiPoint they reduced this to $36,000. As Gurkirat Singh, the Executive Director for Gulzar Group of Institutes, said at the time:

  We saved 40 percent on our initial hardware cost, which was a significant saving for us  

They other savings they made were in power usage – saving over $10,000 a year – and reduced the number of technicians needed to support the system by 50%. Overall, the case study points to a saving in the first year of over $40,000.

Windows MultiPoint Server in Rwandan classrooms

On another continent, Gashora Girls Academy in Rwanda has used the latest version – Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 – to provide access to students who didn’t have classroom computers. They were aiming to increase availability of IT , without making it too complicated to be managed by classroom teachers. And they also needed to keep a lid on their power costs, due to the high costs of electricity in Africa. They setup 36 workstations, and as Kimberley Mecham, the Technical Advisor to the Academy, said:


“Some of these girls have never even seen a computer before. Through Windows MultiPoint Server, they can experience the most current software and technology.

With Windows MultiPoint Server, we can provide cost-effective access to technology, and this is the kind of thing that really changes a whole community.


In addition to saving hardware costs, they have made significant savings on power – especially important when a kilowatt hour of electricity costs 22 cents. Their original plan, of 36 desktop computers, would have been costing $149 a month to run – whereas their new system costs just $29 a month – reducing power costs by 80%

Windows MultiPoint Server video case study in Iowa

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