Office 365 – Curtin University moves first

In the last week of June, we launched Office 365. As the next wave of Cloud-based applications, it’s a service that will grow over time.

The first university using Office 365?

According to iTnews Curtin University were the first Australian customer to start to move to Office 365, and plan to move 10,000 staff onto the hosted service over the next four months. The first phase, started before the official launch, was for 100 pilot users with ‘complex variations’ of needs, with a goal of ironing out the different scenarios before moving the deployment across the campus. This move, for university staff, follows the decision a few years ago to move their 200,000 student and alumni email mailboxes to the [email protected] Cloud service.

Switching from Lotus Notes to Office 365

In the case of Curtin University, they are aiming to switch users from their on-premise Exchange servers, to the Cloud service – which will save them money and administration time. But other universities are using the opportunity to switch from Lotus Notes to Office 365:

  • In an even more ambitious switch, the Georgia State University are migrating to Office 365 from Lotus Notes for all of their staff – over a single weekend (they’ve wisely chosen the long 4th July holiday weekend, to get a 50% longer weekend!). You can follow news of their migration, and see some of the training resources they have created, on their website.

      • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln also announced last week that they’ll be switching from Lotus Notes to Office 365, with a move planned to complete over the next 12 to 18 months. You can read their press release here.

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