Collaboration with Microsoft Office 365 – free ebook from MS Press

The Microsoft Press team have announced that their new book – Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Virtually Anywhere, Anytime – is now available as a free ebook in PDF format.

Office 365 ebook coverThe chapters of the book are:

  1. What’s happening in the world of work
  2. Getting started with Office 365
  3. Administering an Office 365 Account
  4. What your team can do with Office 365
  5. Creating your team site with SharePoint online
  6. Posting, sharing and managing files
  7. Adding and managing workflows
  8. Working with Office 2010 Web Apps
  9. Going mobile with Office 365
  10. Email and organise with Office 365
  11. Talking it over with Microsoft Lync
  12. Designing your public website
  13. Integrating all parts of Office 365

One of the chapters I’m looking forward to reading is 12 – Designing your public website. I’ve been writing about using SharePoint to create education websites recently (see ‘Ten of the Best – Australian education websites built on SharePoint’ ) and the idea of using the hosted Office 365 service to create a public website might well be something that’s really useful for smaller schools and colleges. It will mean that you can create a fully managed website, with ownership across a broad team, but without needing to buy lots of hardware or bandwidth, or maintain a complex webserver.

Learn MoreDownload the free Office 365 ebook  in PDF (Right-Click and Save As…)

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