CRM in Education – University of Teesside video case study

When I think about CRM in education, my first reaction tends towards managing the student relationship – a version of a super Student Management System. But the more case studies I come across, the more I realise that there is a very broad spread of uses for a CRM system in education (like Kiel’s and Curtin’s examples)

The University of Teesside are using their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system for managing their employer engagements – to expand their relationship local businesses, and to increase their revenues from business sources. In the case study they talk about the benefits of helping colleagues to collaborate in their activities, as well as improving the targeting of their activities – and improve the ability to be able to use the data to build reports for business intelligence – for example, to see which industry areas they are most actively working in, and where future target projects should be focused.

The University of Teesside case study of CRM in education

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