Windows Live Mesh – free software for teachers in February

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Some Free February Appy-ness with a new piece of free software for teachers from Microsoft every day in February. Many of these items are unknown heroes, but they all share two things in common: 1) They are useful for teachers or students and 2) they are free.

Windows Live Mesh

Live Mesh icon bar

Access the stuff on your computers from almost anywhere. With Windows Live Mesh, you can finally stop emailing files to yourself, carrying them around on a USB drive, or worrying whether the version you have with you is the latest. This is especially useful for teachers, as they are often using multiple computers – perhaps a school laptop, a home computer, and then another computer connected to an interactive whiteboard.

With Windows Live Mesh, you can keep up-to-date copies of documents, photos, and other files synced together on all of your computers, whether they are PCs or Macs. In addition, the system can sync your folders to the 5 GB of free storage space you get with SkyDrive (as well as across your computers) so that you can also work with your files on the web from any computer. You can even run programs and browse all the files on your PC from anywhere by connecting remotely. And keep your favorites in Internet Explorer and your Microsoft Office settings up to date on all of your PCs by syncing your programme settings.

Sync folders between computers

If you have two or more computers with Windows Live Mesh installed, you can sync folders between them (peer-to-peer). When you sync folders between computers, any changes you make on one computer will be made on the other whenever the computers are online at the same time. The contents of the synced folders are saved on all of the computers, so you can still work on them even when you’re not connected to the Internet. All data transfers are encrypted between the computers.

Sync folders to the Cloud

You can choose to sync any of your folders to the Cloud too, which means you can then access them on any other computer. This would be handy when you’ve got files on your laptop, and you want to access them to a different computer plugged into an interactive whiteboard, or where you want to be able to access your files on a colleague’s computer.

Connect to a computer remotely

With the remote connections feature in Windows Live Mesh, you can work on your computer from a computer in another location. For example, you can connect from your school computer to your home computer and access all of your programs and files as if you were in front of your computer at home.

Sync your Office and Internet Explorer settings

If you regularly use two different computers (eg your school laptop and a home computer) you can set Windows Live Mesh to sync your Internet Explorer favourites between the two computers – that’s really handy if you’re preparing a lesson on your home computer, but then want the website list available on your school laptop the next day. The same idea works for Office settings (eg a customer dictionary or slide templates)

Where can I find out how to use it?

The Windows Live Mesh page has a step-by-step overview for each of the uses above. There are also a series of tutorials for Windows Live Mesh on, including:

Where do I get Windows Live Mesh from?

Windows Live Mesh is part of the Windows Live Essentials suite, which you can download from the website here