Windows Phone Starter Kit for Schools – free software for teachers in February

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Some Free February Appy-ness with a new piece of free software for teachers from Microsoft every day in February. Many of these items are unknown heroes, but they all share two things in common: 1) They are useful for teachers or students and 2) they are free.

Windows Phone Starter Kit for Schools

Windows Phone Starter Kit for SchoolsLet me start by saying that today’s freebie isn’t for your average teacher! It requires a fair amount of technical skills, because it’s actually a starter kit to create a Windows Phone application for your school. It allows you to add a school news feed, contacts database, links to school-connected websites, as well as information feeds for clubs and groups within the school.

This Starter Kit provides a template for building Windows Phone applications, where content is configured through XML files, and is completely customizable and themable.

Where can I find out how to use it?

There’s details, and a discussion page, on the MSDN network

Where do I get the Windows Phone Starter Kit for Schools from?

You can download all of the source code from the MSDN website

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