Unified Communications webinar with Polycom

Polycom and Microsoft are hosting a webinar next Wednesday 28th March that will look at the practical side of creating a unified communications system.

Ugh, “Unified Communications”, what’s that all about? To be honest, it’s turned into the short-form phrase for sticking your telephones, video conferencing, instant messaging, live screen sharing, 1:1 video etc all into one single system.

What it means to me is that I can sit at my PC, see if a colleague is free or busy, have a instant messenger chat, or click one more button and have a phone conversation, turn it into a conference call by adding other people, and then a virtual meeting by sharing my screen or a joint whiteboard. All within one bit of software. Oh, and it also means that if you ring my phone, it will also automatically ring my mobile at the same time, so if I’m away from my desk, I still know you’ve called and can pick it up if I’m free.

From an education point of view, there’s two key reasons I keep coming across for buying unified communications systems:

  • Save money – by switching off their PBX and the associated service contracts, they can save a lot of money
  • Support different models of learning – allowing genuine anytime, anywhere learning with much more flexibility than conventional video conferencing based learning


Although the webinar isn’t specifically for education customers only, it’s a good opportunity find out more about the way Lync is used and how it integrates with your Outlook email and calendar, and to listen in to a case study (in this case, it’s Andrew Pritchett, the CIO of Griffith Hack talking about what they’ve done with Lync), and to hear from Mario D’Silva of Microsoft and Nick Hawkins of Polycom:


Join us on 28 March 2012 for a live webinar to learn how you can maximise your UC solutions for growth and productivity in your organisation. Real life applications and considerations for deploying UC networks will be covered by the keynote speakers to help you in your next stage of planning and implementation.

Topics include:

1. How Griffith Hack transformed their organisation into a true UC environment.

2. Key considerations in developing a scalable and robust network and increasing user adoption.

3. Creating the mobile, video-enabled organisation.

4. Unifying your voice, IM, audio, video, and web conferencing with NEW Polycom UC Solutions for Microsoft Lync for a seamless user experience.

Together, Polycom and Microsoft are transforming businesses around the world by driving increased teamwork and productivity, while reducing business costs through:

  • Highly productive interactions. Increase and improve interactions with colleagues, customers and partners through a unified collaboration experience that brings together IM, video, voice, and content-sharing.
  • Interoperable end-to-end solutions. Microsoft and Polycom deliver open standards-based, end-to-end unified communications optimised for Microsoft environments and integrated with the Polycom RealPresence platform.

The webinar is running at 12:00PM AEST on 28th March.

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