Want to know how to programme for Kinect? Buy this book


There are some amazing Kinect projects going on around the world:

  • The Razorfish team are producing some of the best connected retail experiences using Kinect, Surface, Tag and Windows Phone. Read more here.
  • The University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development in Minneapolis is using Kinect to watch children for early signs of autism. Read more here

And now some of the tips and techniques have been compiled into a book that’s got some pretty good Amazon reviews:

Beginning Kinect Programming with the Microsoft Kinect SDKBeginning Kinect Programming with the Microsoft Kinect SDK

The book is written to get you up and running developing Kinect applications for your PC using the official SDK. The authors promise you’ll have a working Kinect program by the end of the first chapter!

It steps through chapters on three-dimensional vision, skeleton tracking, audio through the Kinect, and more. Examples illustrate the concepts in the form of simple games that react to your body movements. The result is a fun read that helps you learn one of the hottest technologies out there today.   
Beginning Kinect Programming with the Microsoft Kinect SDK also provides building blocks and ideas for mashing up the Kinect with other technologies to create art, interactive games, 3D models and enhanced office automation. You’ll learn the fundamental code basic to almost all Kinect applications, and learn to integrate that code with other tools and manipulate data to create Kinect applications.

  • Helps you create a proper development environment for Kinect applications.
  • Covers the basics of three-dimensional vision, skeleton tracking, gesture recognition, and audio
  • Provides fun examples that keep you engaged and learning

Who this book is for

Beginning Kinect Programming with the Microsoft Kinect SDK is for developers who want to learn to program for the newest and coolest Microsoft input device. The book assumes familiarity, but not expertise, with WPF and C#. It’s perfect for software developers who want to develop applications that take advantage of the Kinect spacial tracking, and I think it’s also a great resource for more advanced students, who want to take their computing studies in a new direction.

You can buy it online as an ebook, or for US$24 from Amazon.com