3 classroom ideas with Photosynth for Windows Phone

imageA couple of weeks ago we released Photosynth for the Windows Phone. So now you can create 360-degree panoramas straight from your phone, and publish them onto the web. You can either get it from this link (or even easier, just print the Search button on your Windows Phone and point it at this QR Code, and your phone will go to it in the marketplace).

Photosynth can either create a straightforward panorama (where you stand in one place, and rotate the camera for a single image) or a complex 3D model (where you move around, and take lots of photos from lots of angles). For an idea of the power of Photosynth for creating immersive 3D models, pop over to the Photosynth website and explore.

And here’s three ideas for how you can use Photosynth in education:

1. A virtual field trip


Create a 3D model of a place you want your students to explore, eg this panorama of Yosemite Glacier Point. Want to make it more interesting? Hide clues and prizes in the Photosynth for them to find. You could use this instead of a field trip, or for prep work in advance of a field trip. Or get students to create their own whilst on a field trip. The image above is taken from my Photosynth of Westminster Cathedral in London.

I’ve hidden a treasure hunt in this Photosynth, and I’ve got a Microsoft water bottle to send to the first person who emails me to tell me how much the Westminster Cathedral Guidebook has been reduced to in this Photosynth.

2. Keep your school art exhibition open all year


Many schools spend weeks putting together their annual art exhibition in a hall, but then can only keep it open for a few days before it all has to be packed away again. One neat answer is to Photosynth the whole thing, so that students and parents can explore all of the artwork online – and be able to zoom in in huge detail. One great example is Wootton Bassett School, who have put their art exhibitions online for a few years. They’ve even done it as a standard panorama, and an immersive 3D model, so that you can see the difference.

3. Create a campus tour

There are lots of different uses for this:

How to create a Photosynth

Panorama photosynths can be created in the Windows Phone or iPhone app, and 3D immersive Photosynths can be created from photos taken on your phone or camera, and uploaded through the Photosynth app.

Learn MoreFind out more, and get your hands on, the Photosynth apps