Learning from classroom innovations

Richard Ryan, Ray Fleming, and the Other RayMy colleague Richard Ryan (in the pic, he’s the one on the left of me and the Other Ray) is responsible for extending the Australian Partners in Learning programme – which is all about creating an Australian community as part of a global network of teachers sharing good practice and innovative ideas. The Partners In Learning programme now covers 114 countries, and since it was started here in 2004 it’s trained over 250,000 teachers, students and leaders across Australia since then. Jane Mackarell runs the programme in Australia, and she’s given Richard the task of finding ways to share more of the work of the programme with teachers across more schools (up to now much of the development work has focused on working very deeply with a smaller number of government schools in each state).

Richard’s also started blog writing for teachers and school leaders, and so far he’s notched up a weekly blog post for the last three months. So if you’re looking for some interesting classroom-centric ideas, then can I recommend that you follow Richard’s writing over on his Innovative Education blog.

For an idea of the types of content, his top 5 blog posts so far have been:

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