Janison–the people behind online ESSA

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I’ve written a few times about one of our partners, Janison, who worked with the New South Wales Department of Education to produce the ESSA online science test for all students across their government, catholic and private schools. And whenever I meet Wayne Houlden, the Janison CEO, I’m always interested to learn of other projects that they are working on – all focused around delivering and assessing learning, through building learning communities, delivering distance learning, and enabling online skills and knowledge assessments.

But one of the particular challenges faced by companies like Janison, who are based in regional NSW is recruiting new, highly skilled employees. As so much of the population of NSW is focused around the Sydney area, it can sometimes be tricky to find the right skills in a regional area, or persuading people with the right skills to move – even to attractive coastal towns like Coffs Harbour.

But I reckon that Wayne’s latest video might help solve a bit of that as this video so subtly shares some of the workstyle and lifestyle of working at Janison!


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