Snap: free Windows 8 education apps from nsquared

nsquared is a Sydney-based company that have been producing great interactive classroom software recently. Historically, they have created some great interactive education software for the original Microsoft Surface (the original table-sized interactive computer that is now made by Samsung, and called the SUR40 called Microsoft Pixelsense). At the core of many of their apps is more than one student working at a time on a touch-device, and learning collaboratively.

Windows 8 apps for education

They’ve now taken all of their experience and started producing a range of free Windows 8 education apps.

nsquared snap for Windows 8 

nsquared snap

Their first app, nsquared snap, is easy to grasp and allows up to four students to work on a single touchscreen at the same time, and is designed to develop pattern matching and object recognition skills. If you take a Windows 8 tablet, and lay it flat on the desk, you can have multiple students around it all playing the learning game at the same time – making use of the multi-touch screens that you’ll find on Windows 8 certified devices.

nsquared snap on Windows 8

Each player must take their turn individually, with a point being awarded when they successfully match a pair of cards. Only two cards may be turned over at any time in an attempt to find a matching pair.

It’s a great simple activity for small group learning in primary school or pre-school, where you don’t need to spend a lot of time explaining what students need to do etc. You can get it free from the Windows 8 store here

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