Ask the Experts–Tomorrow’s BYOD in Education Webinar for partners

Every month we run a Microsoft "Ask the Experts" webinar for Microsoft Education Partners in Australia, and on tomorrow’s webinar we’re going to do a deep dive into BYOD in schools (BYOD=Bring Your Own Device).

I’ve got expert colleagues joining the webinar, and they’ll talk about some of the things that they are seeing and hearing, and to explain how you can help advise schools about effective strategies for making BYOD in schools successful. Of course, you can’t just airdrop technology, and it’s important to understand what the learning outcomes are for a BYOD programme.

imageAsk the Experts: Education Partner Monthly Webinar

BYOD in Schools – February 26 2013

The webinar is from 11:00-11:45AM tomorrow, Tuesday 26th February, and I’ll be hosting it with Sean Tierney and Travis Smith, both of whom have long experience with BYOD programmes in schools. They’ll be able to bring specific advice based on projects they have been involved with in the past.

Important note: This webinar is for Microsoft partners who are registered on the Microsoft Partner Network, or are registered Academic Education Resellers. If you’re working for an education institution, like a school, TAFE or university, then keep an eye out in the future here for similar webinars for you.

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