A simple Windows 8 education apps demo

Today we had our Microsoft Education Partner Summit in Sydney, and one of the things that I talked about was the great range of Australian Windows 8 education apps that have been created already, and are still appearing on the Windows 8 app store.

No, this isn't a real page in the Windows 8 Store, but is a list of real Windows 8 education apps developed recently

One of the things I demonstrated was a very simple journey through a small number of apps, including a few key Australian ones developed for Windows 8. My promise to the audience was that I’d provide a link to those apps and a short summary of how to show them.

Here’s how I arranged my Windows 8 Start screen. Basically, I created a new group called ‘Education’ right at the beginning of the screen, and then dropped the apps I wanted to demonstrate into it.


The apps I used were:

imageApp: Travel
You will already have this installed on your start screen.

What to show: This is a simple way to get a ‘wow’ moment for people within 20 seconds. Load the Travel app, then scroll over to the panoramas. If you’ve got a Windows 8 device with the gyro activated, all you need to do now is move your device around, and you’ll see the picture move with you – so you’re instantly in an immersive panorama. Want to see what’s behind you? Turn around, and the picture turns with you!

App: ClickView Viewerimage

What to show: The majority of schools in Australia already have a ClickView subscription, so the best way to show this is to let your customer login with their account in the app, and they will see their videos and subscriptions etc.
This app is from the Australian ClickView team in Sydney

App: nsquared makewordsimage

What to show: This is a spelling game, and the goal is for students to compete to spell the name of the object in the middle of the screen. The easiest way to show how this works is to put your touch device down flat on the desk and invite the people you are demonstrating to to have a go at spelling words. Give them 30 seconds and you’ll easily have examples of competitive and collaborative learning taking place!
This app is from the Australian nsquared team, also in Sydney

App: Attendanceimage

What to show: I created a simple class (using my webcam for the photo) and added some students (I had some dummy student images already, but you might need to get your pen out and draw some, or ask colleagues to dig out their old school photo Smile)
Then I simply used the ‘Take Attendance’ button to show how you could take a register, and ‘Random Student’ to show how you might use it in snapped mode alongside lesson plan.

App: Lesson Plan Managerimage

What to show: Although you really need to set this one up with some lesson plans, it’s quite easy to setup a simple one, and then demonstrate the ‘Deliver’ lesson function – where it shows the teacher the lesson plan they were going to work with, alongside timings. If you want to show this app regularly, I’d recommend asking Lucas if he can give you a demo account with dummy lesson plans in it, so that you can show the full potential! 
This app is from the Australian developer Lucas Moffitt, based in Newcastle


Click on any of the above links on a Windows 8 device to install them from the Windows Store.