How education partners can make the most of the 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

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Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2013

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2013, is in Houston from 7-11 July. It’s a global event that gets over 16,000 attendees from 160+ countries, and there’ll be a large contingent as usual travelling from Australia. (Registration info for WPC is here)

If you’re a Microsoft partner who works in the Education market and you’re planning to be there, then you’ll be happy to learn that within the agenda there are a series of sessions specifically for education partners. It means that as well as getting up-to-speed with the Microsoft technology and business strategy, there is an opportunity to understand our product and strategy focus in the education marketplace. This is key for you if you are looking to develop your education businesses to better serve the needs of the different segments of education – schools, TAFEs and universities – and if you want to understand where Microsoft’s strategy will support your business plans.

As Anthony Salcito, the Microsoft Vice President for Worldwide Education, puts it:


With a cavalcade of new product releases, FY13 was a huge year for Microsoft and our partners – and we expect FY14 will offer even more opportunities for our partners to grow their businesses as these platforms continue to be adopted by our customers. We’ve had many important strategic wins with Windows 8, our OEM partners have hit the market with more than 120 Windows 8 devices, Surface is having an impact, and Office 365 for Education is growing so much faster than expected that we increased our targets by 1,000%.

My team and I are excited to share with you strategies for success and why Education is one of the fastest growing and most important business segments at Microsoft.


Global Education Partner Summit at Microsoft WPC 2013


On Sunday 7 July before the main WPC kicks off with the Welcome Reception at 4PM, there is an afternoon dedicated to the Education Partner community, called [email protected] (shorthand for the "Global Education Partner Summit @ Worldwide Partner Summit"). [email protected] is our annual gathering of top global Education Partners.  This year more than ever you won’t want to miss this event as we’ll discuss the amazing opportunities the launch of Windows 8, Office 365 for Education, and the rest of the new lineup of innovative Microsoft products, is presenting to existing and new education partners.

  [email protected] 2013 will be highly interactive with Partners and their needs at the centre.  It will feature both Microsoft and industry executive guest speakers addressing Microsoft’s latest technologies with a look forward at the trends shaping the Education industry and their impact on our partners’ business.  You’ll have the opportunity to network and interact with other Microsoft Partners and Microsoft senior executives who are driving our efforts in Education.  

Make a dateThe full agenda is on the [email protected] website.
Education partners attending WPC can register for the additional free [email protected] day



Education sessions during main WPC conference

There are a number of education sessions as part of the main WPC conference agenda too, that sit alongside other breakout sessions (the way that WPC works is that there are big keynotes for all 16,000 attendees, then a choice of smaller breakouts for partners to choose between). These are:

Education keynote address: Microsoft’s vision and strategy drive partner success in education

Maximise your revenue potential by leveraging Microsoft’s big investments in the education market. Big Data, social, cloud, and mobility are key trends in the education market. In this session you can learn about Microsoft’s strategy and priorities for driving adoption and usage of the Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft Office 365 for Education, customer relationship management (CRM), and Microsoft SQL Server through investments in Partners in Learning, Shape the Future, and other sales programs that help our partner ecosystem grow.

Devices and services in education; Shape the Future! and drive Windows 8 and Office 365 sales in the global education market

This session will delve into Microsoft education programs and strategies for driving adoption of the Windows 8 operating system and Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft and its partners have built a pipeline with more than 100 million devices and more than 100 million Office 365 for Education assigned IDs through the Shape the Future program. This session will describe how you can leverage this progress to increase your revenue.

How to build great apps that make money in education

This session will explore the explosion in app adoption in education, and will share strategies for building great apps. You will also get tips for marketing and making money with apps for the Windows 8 operating system, for Microsoft Office, and for Microsoft SharePoint in education.

Increase revenue and share through Big Data and relationship management growth in education

This session will look at Big Data and analytics, combined with relationship management, in the fast-growing education industry. Understand how you can build and deploy solutions by using key platforms like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SQL Server, and help education customers make sense of Big Data and unlock the potential of personalised learning.

All of these sessions can be seen on the session catalogue for WPC, alongside the main agenda 

imageFor more information on the 2013 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, jump across to the WPC website.

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