How to build a buzz about Office 365 for your users

You know what it’s like – you spend a long time managing a technology implementation project, and then at the last minute you get feedback that users aren’t ready for it. You hear things like “We didn’t know it was coming”, or “We don’t want to change anything because what we’ve got works for us now”. This can happen in any kind of organisation, not just education institutions, but sometimes it’s worse in education because there are some groups of users at the leading edge of change whilst you have others who absolutely refuse to adopt any change*.

Although I can’t solve the whole problem for you, I can offer you a resource pack which will help you to manage the introduction of Office 365, and new Office applications.

Office 365 Change Management Guide

Office 365 Change Management Guide and resource pack

Users are the key to realising the full potential of your investment in most IT projects, including in Office 365. To drive user adoption to its highest potential, you can use our proven change management strategy to clearly articulate the benefits of Office 365, build a community among your users, and provide the right help and support at the right times.

In this download package, you’ll find the Change Management Guide, which describes a proven, four-phase process that organisations have used to drive up new technology adoption and maximise their return on investment. A comprehensive set of samples and templates let you build a customised set of project planning documents and user awareness materials based on your specific needs.

The download package includes:

  • Change Management guidance
  • Project planning workbook
  • Email samples
  • Policies and best practices templates
  • Presentations for introducing Office 365
  • Posters and other print communications
  • Help desk and support resources
  • End-user surveys
  • Videos

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    I’ll leave you to decide which groups of users I’m thinking of!