Looking for Windows 8 Education Apps?

Through this blog we want to give you an insight into the best Windows 8 apps available for educators.

The number of Windows 8 apps is growing daily. There really is an explosion of apps appearing on the market. We feel that it is important to share with you what we consider to be the best apps.

Windows 8 Apps can be used on desktop, laptop machines or mobile devices with Win 8 or Win 8.1 installed. They aren’t just for tablets.

There are many lists of these apps shared around the Internet. In our RSS reader feeds we consistently see lists of apps for this, apps for that and the best apps for specific learning activities.  

The Microsoft Australian Education team understands that you need a list of Windows 8 educationally focused apps curated by Australian educators, so we have decided to work on bringing that to you. We have built a number of Pinterest Boards to make this easy.

We have begun working through the store (and are continuing to do so daily) to curate the best of the best for you. Keep an eye on the Win 8 Apps Page of this blog and the posts as we reveal and discuss apps to support your Key learning Area and 21st Century skill development of your students. 







Installing Apps on you Windows device.

There are two ways to search and install for apps from a Windows 8 device. 


Other Tips and Tricks for using the Store can be found at the Windows 8 Apps Home Page

Not on a Windows 8 machine? No worries…

If you’re not on a Windows 8 machine and would still like to search for some apps, here is the link to the browser version of the store.

Jump in and have a look around. The apps are growing daily.

In the coming week will share with you some of The Best Win 8 apps for Studying.