How to encourage Inquiry Based Learning in your classroom


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You and I both know that teachers are always looking for ways to engage and enthuse students in the classroom.One of the best ways to do this is to encourage Inquiry Based Learning. Through Inquiry Based Learning we encourage students to to pose deep questions and research, solve and share our hypothesis with peers.

I thought we could explore some of the best ways to do this using some great apps.

Pose Real Questions

A great way to start is to set up a OneNote file or section for the focus area. Students can set up their inquiry unit using sections and pages within a OneNote notebook, posing their question on the front page.

Find Resources

Students will need some good searching apps. As well as the browser on their device, they can also use the Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, How Stuff Works, BBC Earth Wonders, World Atlas by National Geographic and Nat Geo Wild Apps. The Wikipedia app on a Windows 8 device is enhanced even more when you snap it to the side so you can read and write notes at the same time.

Interpret Information

To present the information found, students should now consolidate their notes. Sure, this is a pretty standard way to store information, but apps like OneNote are built for this purpose. Another handy tool students might use is Drawboard PDF. With this app students can annotate over the top of PDFs and thus take notes on any downloaded research papers or internet documents.

Report Findings

When it comes to sharing their decision and justification for this new understanding, students can (and should!) be creative with how they might like to present their new findings. Some ideas could be to create a podcast using Sound Recorder, a movie using ArcSoft or Windows Movie Maker, or even create an image that shares their understanding using Freshpaint or Aviary.

So as you can see, there are many apps to help your student delve into Inquiry Based Learning. You can find other apps to assist on these 21st Century dimension themed Pinterest boards