4 Easy Ways to Create Your Own Class Tutorials

There are many presentations and videos online that can be used to assist teaching, and the problem is that many of these assets are not fully applicable to your students and what you’re trying to teach.

So, combine these thoughts with wanting students to watch video for homework and suddenly you are in a place where you need to create your own videos, presentations and other content.

The good news is that there are many tools to do this, and we thought we’d highlight 4 of the best:

Record Voice and Pen Windows 8 App

Record Voice & Pen is an app for recording voice and pen at the same time. A picture is worth a thousand words, but drawing a picture while explaining is worth even more.

You can create videos (mp4 files) from these recordings, to post on your website, upload to YouTube, or use it in presentations.

You can start from a blank piece of paper and write or draw while you explain yourself, or you can upload an image or diagram and explain while you annotate. These recordings can then be saved as .Mp4 movies and uploaded or sent to students.

Below is a great explanation of this tool. You can find the Record Voice and Pen app in the Windows store on your device, or at this link.


Community Clips

Community Clips is a small but powerful Microsoft application. It is a free download that works from your desktop. In other words, it is not a Windows 8 app, but a piece of software. Have a look at the video below to find out more about Community Clips in Mathematics classroom.

Once installed, community clips will appear in PowerPoint under its own tab along the top of the program, or as an icon in your task bar. You can also use the search function on your Windows 8 device to find the tool if lost.

When you start recording using community clips, it will record everything you are doing on your desktop. In short, you can start a presentation in presentation mode, and talk through your slide deck or diagram while you record. Viola! A recording of your presentation has been made. This recording saves as a video so you can easily use any video editing software to chop and clip parts you feel not necessary, or you can leave it as is. No one create perfect videos. Once you have completed your video you can share via online spaces, upload into a OneNote or share however you usually share content with your students. Here is a video that explains community clips in a little more detail.


PowerPoint + Adobe Presenter 9

Using PowerPoint with Adobe Presenter 9 can help you to create professional looking presentation and instructional videos. Presenter 9 has many features, but the simple video recording function is easy to use and creates great videos. Using presenter you can also just narrate over the top of presentations, just like Community Clips.

Watch this video to see how you too can create a video using Adobe Presenter 9.

When you install adobe Presenter 9, just like community clips, a new tab will appear in your PowerPoint interface. This is the hub for your video creation.


Nearpod App

Sometimes you don’t need audio or video to present a slide deck. Nearpod is a great Windows 8 app and website for times like these.

Nearpod is an all-in-one slide share and interactive learning app (used by over 1 million students globally) which allows teachers to share a presentation directly to a student device and also have students complete quizzes and other assessment oriented tasks during this presentation.

The App creates a safe, password protected environment for teachers and student to come together and focus on content.

Read more about Nearpod, watch the video below and checkout the website to find out more.

Nearpod on Windows 8 from Nearpod on Vimeo.


Possible Workflow:

As you prepare your content the following workflow may be of some use. There is no rule to creating tutorial videos, but having a plan in mind will help you to get started.


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