Workflows for the Tablet Classroom: Creating a Radio Play, Tutorial or Audio Description

Ever wondered how to complete a task using a number of apps? How to move work around a tablet? How students can bring together a number of pieces to make a multimodal piece of work? This is a major learning curve for many of us who are used to desktop and laptop environments. This is our second instalment in this series. Last week we featured: Creating and Publishing a Newsletter, Flyer or Brochure on your Tablet.

Workflow 2 – Create a Radio Play, Tutorial or Audio Description

Skill Development:

  • Literacy Development
  • Image Creation
  • Multimodal skills – Audio Recording and Editing
  • Collaboration Skills

Ideas for Classroom learning activities:

  • Create a radio play for a well known fairy tale
  • Create an explanation of a process or object
  • Describe an image
  • Create a tutorial
  • LOTE positional language practice and comprehension
  • Create a class radio channel

Today we will share a workflow to create a radio play from a popular fairy tale. This would be a great activity for k-6 education settings.



The main objective of this activity is to create a fairy tale radioplay or narrated image by using Windows Movie Maker or iXplain App.

In this project, small groups plan and create their own products. Each team member will be assigned a different role and will need to work with their team mates to complete the whole task. There is a strong degree of interdependence in this activity. Roles include: Director, Editor, Voiceover Artist, Image Creator, Music and Sound Engineer.

Below is a suggested workflow for task completion:

 Links for sites mentioned in the workflow above include: Sound Cloud and Jamendo.

This post was inspired by this activity on the Microsoft Educators Network.

We hope these ideas help and inspire you to give it a go, next week we will share a workflow for creating interactive books on your tablet.

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