Top Apps for Windows 8 in Education

The Microsoft Education Australia Team have been busy preparing new guides and resources to support schools.

Windows 8 Apps Guide

Wondering which Windows 8 apps hit the education ‘sweet spot’? Don’t know where to begin your search? The Microsoft Australia Education Team just released a ‘top list’ just for educators like you.

We shared so many copies of the printed version at the EduTech stand that we want to make sure everyone has access to this handy guide. You can access a downloadable copy below. Be sure to print out and share with all your colleagues.


Our New Microsoft Education Australia Website

We have also recently released our new Microsoft Education Australia website. Our new website gives you support for your questions about:

  • Devices in Education
  • Windows 8 Apps
  • Microsoft related Professional Learning
  • IT Support related materials
  • Student resources and competitions
  • Licensing
  • Office 365


Windows 8 in Education – An educated decision

Find out more about why Windows 8 is designed to meet the ever changing needs of students. Why does Windows 8 help students to collaborate, keep safe online, and study in the most intuitive way? Download the document below to find out the answers to these questions and more.


The Microsoft Australia Education team is here to support you school in so many ways. Feel free to contact us to see how we can support your school to make technology engage and empower your students’ learning at: [email protected]