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I learnt today that a school I used to work with in the UK, Broadclyst Community Primary School, were given a grant by the Microsoft global Education team to fund their Global Enterprise Challenge, to allow them to join 1,000 students from 20 countries together in a challenge for Year 6 students. And they’ve just opened nominations for schools to take part, and it’s open to Australian schools to enter.

Here’s the details from my UK colleagues:


Sign up your school today!

It is with great excitement that we announce the Microsoft Global Enterprise Challenge which has just gone live! Based on the enterprise project created by Broadclyst Community Primary School (BCPS) in South West England, schools throughout the world are currently being sought to participate in a ground-breaking enterprise challenge developed and run by BCPS and funded by Microsoft. During the Challenge, 1000 students across 20 schools in 20 countries will connect to run ten international companies, each with ten regional offices/teams. The teams will be developing, producing and marketing ten products selected in a pitch situation by the project co-ordinator, and will be competing with each other to become the most successful company globally.

Much like the real business the world, the companies will be judged on how profitably they are running, which will give the students a taste for the commercial world.

How will the Global Enterprise Challenge benefit your students?

The GEC incorporates many different elements of the curriculum making the challenge a brilliant opportunity for the students to contextualise core subjects they are being taught such as Maths, Design, English and even Accounting into the enterprise sphere, which will make the learning activity highly engaging and fun.

The opportunity will also encourage young students to start to align their learning outcomes to the commercial world: From the Broadclyst Community Primary School video below, you can see that the students are given a real taste of entrepreneurship as they have to not only choose what product they think will sell, but additionally create this desirable product. Indeed the teams are solely in charge of making (manufacturing) their products and even promoting (marketing) them which they can do by filming adverts and getting really creative.

Broadclyst Primary are looking for other schools to sign up and get involved.

Applications are open until 1st September so make sure to sign up your school and get involved using this link

Microsoft Global Enterprise Challenge from Broadclyst Primary School on Vimeo.

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