How OneNote helps students with assignment, notes and getting organised

Yesterday I shared a video (How OneNote makes a classroom difference) from Carey Academy in North Carolina, who shared how they were using OneNote to support new ways of teaching and learning. Today, I’m going to share the next part of the story, which is their students’ perspective on how they use OneNote to support their learning through things like note-taking and helping organise assignments.

The thing I noticed in this is the way that the students talk about how it helps them to take control of their own learning – like the student who talks about handing in their homework assignments:

  imageYou can just do your homework. You don’t even have to turn it in. They [teachers] can just look at it at 8 o’clock in the morning when it’s supposed to be due.  

And the other student who’s taking advantage of the fact that OneNote syncs your notes and content across all the different versions, as it runs on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android phones (and even watches):

  imageI have OneNote on my personal computer, my school computer, my tablet and my phone.  

Here’s the full video: