How to help students remember more

My colleague Travis Smith is an ex-deputy principal, and an enthusiastic pedagogue. His time is spent obsessing about how to enhance teaching and learning with technology, and the ways that it can support deeper learning by students.

One challenge is that we need to focus on helping students remember more of what they are taught, and there’s evidence that some of the current ways that they choose to use technology isn’t helping students remember more (including the research that showed that students who use laptops [keyboards] to take notes learned less than those who took notes using paper [and pen]) – see Research says the pen is mightier than the keyboard – and other useful education research nuggets.

Last month he talked at one of our seminars about the power of the pen for enhancing students’ learning, specifically in the context of the digital pen on the Surface Pro 3. His talk, “Weighing the evidence: Why the pen is mightier than the keyboard”, was an hour, which wasn’t long in the room, but it’s probably longer when you can only watch it on YouTube. So the team have created an edited highlights version, which is less than 15 minutes, and provides a compelling case why students will benefit from digital pen and digital paper. As Travis puts it “Paper isn’t going away. It’s just getting smarter”.

This short video is definitely worth watching, and sharing with colleagues…