OneNote in the Classroom – What students really think

Guest Post by Ineke McGuire, Microsoft Expert Education, Sacred Heart College , Hobart Tasmania

I have used OneNote in the classroom for a few years now. OneNote is the students textbook and exercise book and as a teacher I have found it invaluable. My back is much better as I am not carting kilos of books around. I am not marking into the wee hours of the morning getting assignments marked so I can hand books back – or wore having to collect them twice. I can not misplace a book (or the students say I have when it is in the back of their locker). In the classroom students have an up-to-date text book in OneNote. It is easy, and quick, to change, local and relevant to what I am teaching. As a teacher I am sold!

But what do my students think about OneNote and student use in the classroom? I thought I would start asking my grade 8’s, who have been working with one note for 2 years, what they thought…

  • “OneNote is easier to use than a textbook because, with say a textbook, you always have extra sheets and put all your pages and stuff in a folder which can get lost. But with OneNote you just click a page and it is there.”
  • “With pictures you can just get them off the internet and just put them on there rather than having to draw them.”
  • “It is always right there.With a book you can forget and lose it but you always have your computer with you.”

Students from Sacred Heart College, Hobart Tasmania

Next I asked my grade 10 students, who have now had 3 years as OneNote being the students text and exercise book.

  • “Effective having everything in the one spot and I can not loose the worksheets.”
  • ‘It took a little while to get used to it and we had trouble with it as it would not sync but now it is all sorted out it is really effective as both a textbook and exercise book and it is great for research.”
  • “I like how you do not need to search books to look for things to study with.It is all right there.”
  • “It is more inviting than having to go on word and save every step you do.You do not lose any work with OneNote because it automatically saves.”
  • ‘It took a while to get used to but it is really good.I like it when we do group work as we can all work in the same OneNote Notebook.If someone is away we still have all their stuff.”
  • “It is like one big book.It is a textbook and exercise book in one.It is always updated with the latest – it is always up-to-date.You get links to videos and external information.You do not have to chase the teacher to hand stuff up, it just does it.”

So in summary OneNote and student use in the classroom is a winner.The students like using it and I like using it.

So are you using it? Please share your experiences in OneNote.I would love to hear them.

Originally posted at: OneNote in Education and More.

Post by: Ineke McGuire, Microsoft Expert Educator

Ineke is currently the Head of the Mathematics/Science Department at Sacred Heart College in Tasmania, Australia. She has been teaching for 20 years including internationally as Head of Science at the Hemmel Hempstead School in England for 3 years, and at the Gulf English International School in Kuwait.

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