MIXing it Up – Using Microsoft Office Mix to Improve Learning

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Office Mix is a new additional function to give super powers for PowerPoint. Quite often educators refer to a blank presentation as a ‘blank canvas’ and to some extent that has been true if you think of this in terms of words and pictures. PowerPoint Presentations are just that, a blank canvas, there are no bad PowerPoints only bad presentations! Office Mix now enables you to have a much richer palette or ‘toolbox’ at your disposal including audio, visual and interactive tools.

While there are plenty of uses for Office Mix across all industries, when presented with a new technology or a significant update to an existing tool, it can be tricky to work out just how it can be used within your own day to day activities. With this in mind, we have created the eBook ‘MIXing it up: Using Office Mix to Improve Learning’ to specifically help those who plan on using Office Mix in education.

The aims of this eBook are to:

  • Enhance the understanding of the benefits of ICT and technology across the curriculum including literacy, numeracy, technology, personal, social and health education.
  • Provide practical information on how technology can be used to increase student motivation and enhance learning.
  • Give teachers the confidence to use technology in class as a learning and teaching methodology that reaches across all subject areas and age groups.
  • Reinforce the importance and place of ICT skills for productivity and the 21st century skills agenda.
  • Encourage teachers to consider using games design and other technologies with students to help children become creators rather than consumers of content.
  • Improve advice on how teachers and school leaders might tackle some of the common challenges encountered when trying to develop the use of technology in schools.

Within the eBook itself you’ll find sections covering an introduction to the concept of Office Mix, a walkthrough for first time users, advice on how to get the most out of your Mixes, and also how to add them to PowerPoint. Contained within the latter pages you’ll also discover there are lots of other useful links and resources, as well as a way to send your feedback to the Office Mix team. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ollie Bray, Head Teacher at Kingussie High School, Scotland, for his help in putting this eBook together, and for contributing the foreword.

You can find this eBook, and many more, on the Microsoft Education UK SlideShare account.

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