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A simple Windows 8 education apps demo

Today we had our Microsoft Education Partner Summit in Sydney, and one of the things that I talked about was the great range of Australian Windows 8 education apps that have been created already, and are still appearing on the Windows 8 app store. One of the things I demonstrated was a very simple journey through a small number of apps, including a few key Australian ones... Read more

Australia’s most innovative company (and our most innovative sector?)

ClickView – who provide a brilliant video streaming and library service used by loads of schools in Australia - has just been labelled "Australia's Most Innovative Company" by BRW. ClickView's digital video solution for schools, is designed to support learning the classroom by providing a simple and complete solution for watching digital video and other digital... Read more

Update 5: Windows 8 apps for education – ClickView Windows 8 app

The first Australian education apps are starting to appear, and the charge is being led by ClickView, which is used by thousands of schools around the country. The native Windows 8 ClickView Player app allows you to search and playback videos, podcasts and vodcasts from the ClickView library, and the ClickView Exchange content. There's tons of video content in the ClickView... Read more

Microsoft Australia Partner Awards 2012 – Everyone’s a winner

Remember yesterday, when I said that ClickView won the Microsoft Australia Education Partner of the Year 2012 in the Microsoft Australia Partner Awards? And I mentioned that the judging was very tight. But there can only be one winner. Well, it turns out you can have more than one winner! These were the three finalists for Australia Education Partner of the Year: And although... Read more

Finalists for Microsoft Australia Education Partner of the Year 2012

The biggest event for Microsoft's partners in Australia is the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference 2012, which will be in Brisbane from the 4-6 September. As well as the full conference experience, we also use it as the opportunity to announce the winners of the Microsoft Australia Partner Awards. (Of course, being Microsoft, we couldn't go any further without creating... Read more