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Getting started with Power BI–a free e-book from Microsoft Press

If you’re a follower of this blog, or you’ve met me or seen me present in the last year, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Power BI – the very clever and powerful service that makes Self-Service BI a sudden reality. When I show people Power BI I see their eyes light up, as they imagine the way it could help them unlock information from all of the data held in their... Read more

How to choose the right device in education

The search for the right device for both yourself and your school, TAFE or university can be challenging. What type of device will I get? What do all the specs mean? Which device will best cater for my needs? The problem is, with the broad collection of Windows devices now available, and the vast price range, there is no ‘one size fits all’ device as every individual has... Read more

Do you know how to measure your student recruitment efficiency?

ClickDimensions are a worldwide Microsoft partner, who offer a ‘marketing automation’ system for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system which is used by a growing number of Australian universities. Let me slip in a bit of translation. ‘Marketing Automation’ in student recruitment terms basically means helping you run email campaigns, track their success, link that back to... Read more

Thinking about BI in Education? Want to know more about Business Intelligence programming in Microsoft SQL Server?

If you’d describe yourself as an ‘end user’ of data, then this isn’t for you. But if you’re the kind of person that is wondering how to bring your different sets of data together to get real insight into some aspect of your school/TAFE/university, then read on. Especially if you’re job title includes the word ‘data’ or... Read more

A pile of Microsoft technical e-books now free for Kindle and iPad

One of the most-read blog posts from the last six months was “Something for the weekend - free ebooks from Microsoft Press”, listing 9 free e-books available in PDF format. The bonus news is that the Microsoft Press team have now made five of them available free in two additional formats, DRM-free EPUB and MOBI. Which means you can now read them more easily on... Read more