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From motivated to empowered: digital transformation in education

You’ve probably heard the terms ‘digital’ and ‘transformation’ bandied about a lot recently. There is good reason for this: digital tools are transforming the world we live in today, and that our students will lead tomorrow. Digital transformation in education is just as critical as in every other industry today, and there’s an urgency driven by the gap between... Read more

Getting started with Power BI–a free e-book from Microsoft Press

If you’re a follower of this blog, or you’ve met me or seen me present in the last year, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Power BI – the very clever and powerful service that makes Self-Service BI a sudden reality. When I show people Power BI I see their eyes light up, as they imagine the way it could help them unlock information from all of the data held in their... Read more

Translating resources for international students – and talking to your watch

Australia continues to grow our international student education sector, with a record $18.8 billion of revenue in 2014-15 from the nearly half a million international students who study at our universities, TAFEs and schools. In universities international students make up a quarter of all students, and come from over 150 countries. It makes education a key export industry for... Read more

Deploy a Moodle Cluster on Azure, using Ubuntu

I’ve just finished a conversation with our team in the US who are working on lots of smart Moodle integrations to various Microsoft technologies (like the Office 365 integration with Moodle components and the Moodle virtual images for Azure) and they mentioned that there are now also complete quick start templates for deploying a scalable Moodle cluster, on a LAMP stack, on... Read more

Free edX Power BI course – starts next week

There’s a brand new free edX course starting next week - “Analysing and Visualising Data with Power BI”, taught by Will Thompson. It is the perfect opportunity to learn how you can start to build an education analytics system for your schoolTAFEuniversity. I am a massive fan of using Power BI in education, because of the potential it offers to unlock institutional data... Read more