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Windows Intune in education–a step by step guide to implementing Intune

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Windows Intune for education, and the relevance of its new features to education customers. Of course, listing a set of new features with a single bullet point probably isn't enough to help you to understand how those features would actually work in an education network. For example, one of the new features I wrote about was the ability to... Read more

What’s new for education in the latest Intune release?

Yesterday, I wrote about Intune for BYOD in education, specifically for device management in education networks. But I didn't dive into much detail about the product, and what it can do. Although there's plenty of information on the Intune website, you might be interested in reading the guide to what's new in the June 2012 release of Windows Intune. In summary, the key things... Read more

Windows Intune in Education

It seems as if we're right in the middle of a massive shift in technology in education, as we move rapidly towards 1:1 computing and a larger variety of devices appearing in classrooms and IT labs. And that's compounded by the arrival of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in education: students and staff connecting their own devices – phones, laptops, tablets – to your education... Read more

BYOD in education–TechNet Jump Start training to help your planning

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in education is a recurring topic that is coming up in conversations, and pops up in the media regularly too. There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to BYOD in education, as each institution has different needs, policies, attitudes and current position. For some education customers, they are considering whether they’ll allow access to... Read more

Windows Intune gets a Tune Up

Windows Intune is a cloud-based PC management and security service, which is especially useful for IT support organisations to provide management for smaller customers (for example, where a small school outsources the support of their school’s computers to a local IT company, because it doesn’t have it’s own IT technican). As it’s a subscription service, it means that... Read more