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How Deloitte made learning a game–Harvard Business Review

Gamification of learning continues to be a hot topic for education (and as with most things within the education system, there's plenty of divided opinion on how it could be used in the classroom with students). But it's not limited to conventional education systems – we're also seeing gamification being used in the world of corporate learning too. I'm lucky to work closely... Read more

Today’s online ESSA Science test in New South Wales

It’s on again, the annual online science assessment (the ESSA test) that brings all year 8 students, in all Government, Catholic and Private Schools in NSW, together on one day to do an online science assessment. And it's happening right now, with help from Microsoft's cloud services. Each year this assessment happens online through a combination of using cloud platform... Read more

Microsoft Australia Partner Awards 2012 – Everyone’s a winner

Remember yesterday, when I said that ClickView won the Microsoft Australia Education Partner of the Year 2012 in the Microsoft Australia Partner Awards? And I mentioned that the judging was very tight. But there can only be one winner. Well, it turns out you can have more than one winner! These were the three finalists for Australia Education Partner of the Year: And although... Read more

Finalists for Microsoft Australia Education Partner of the Year 2012

The biggest event for Microsoft's partners in Australia is the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference 2012, which will be in Brisbane from the 4-6 September. As well as the full conference experience, we also use it as the opportunity to announce the winners of the Microsoft Australia Partner Awards. (Of course, being Microsoft, we couldn't go any further without creating... Read more

Janison–the people behind online ESSA

I've written a few times about one of our partners, Janison, who worked with the New South Wales Department of Education to produce the ESSA online science test for all students across their government, catholic and private schools. And whenever I meet Wayne Houlden, the Janison CEO, I'm always interested to learn of other projects that they are working on – all focused... Read more

The NSW Science ESSA test – the background monitoring service

Yesterday I wrote “Why put assessment in the Cloud?” about the project last year for students in New South Wales in Australia to complete the statutory Science examinations online - replacing a paper-based system that had been used for years. As well as the time-saving and paper-saving, one of the other significant benefits was the ability to track activity on the test in... Read more