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The Countdown is on until World Education Games – have you registered yet?

Technology is undeniably changing the world as we know it – and the classroom is the perfect example. Learning now has the opportunity to be engaging, collaborative, and most importantly fun. Remember the days of dreaded homework, pouring over maths sums in your exercise book at the kitchen table? Kids today have an abundance of educational tools at their fingertips,... Read more

OneNote: replacing a whiteboard and notebook in Geometry Classes

Guest Post by Ben Hilliam, Microsoft Expert Educator Throughout this year I have been using Microsoft OneNote with my students at St Andrew's College. Sam McNeill has a fair account of how I have been using it here with my year 9 one to one computing class, I have been constantly reflecting on how I can continue this journey. Using the SAMR model, I have currently been... Read more

What’s the commotion about Motion Math?

Guest Post by Myf Powell Motion Math have now released two of their apps in the Windows Store, Fractions! and Hungry Fish, and both are well worth a look. What makes these apps stand out is the way they support the development of mathematical thinking, not just drill and practice, that really blurs the boundaries between learning and leisure. Motion Math: Fractions! When I... Read more

Windows 8 Apps for the Mathematics Classroom

Using technology in the Mathematics classroom is easier when you use Windows 8 apps. Over the last couple of months The Microsoft Education Australia Team has been sharing Windows apps that we feel create strong learning activities in 21st Century classrooms. This post brings you 10 apps for the Mathematics classroom, study and work at home. 1. GeoGebra is free and... Read more

Integrating Windows 8 Tablets in to the 21st Century Mathematics Classroom

Guest Post - Lucinda Legere – Mathematics Teacher, St Pius X College  I often find myself in professional conversations about the integration of ICT into mathematics education that begin and end with the use of a textbook on a personal learning device (PLD). However, we are teaching students that not only demand, but deserve more prominent and effective ICT... Read more