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The Countdown is on until World Education Games – have you registered yet?

Technology is undeniably changing the world as we know it – and the classroom is the perfect example. Learning now has the opportunity to be engaging, collaborative, and most importantly fun. Remember the days of dreaded homework, pouring over maths sums in your exercise book at the kitchen table? Kids today have an abundance of educational tools at their fingertips,... Read more

Windows 8 Education App: Chronozoom – More than just a timeline creator

There are many timeline creators out there, but none that put the passing of time in context like Chronozoom. Within seconds you can map the progress of civilization, the different eras of our history and of major discoveries and historical moments. "ChronoZoom is a free, open source timeline tool that allows historians, historical scientists, teachers and students to create... Read more

Windows 8 Apps for the Science Classroom

As part of our series that focuses on the use of Windows 8 apps in classrooms, today we will share with you what we consider to be great apps for the science classroom. General Science Science for Kids - a huge range of experiments to do with young learners. BrainPOP Featured Movie - a daily science animated movie bought to you from the hugely popular BrainPop... Read more

OneNote – A great application for administration, teaching and professional learning

Guest post from Elizabeth O'Connor - Science Teacher - Sydney Girls High School  Engagement with technology in the classroom has been completely changed by the introduction of 1:1 computer to student programs. Previously, lessons were divided between 'normal' lessons in the classroom and 'computer' lessons in a computer lab. Each student having their own computer on... Read more