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Hololens at TED 2016 – Alex Kipman points towards some interesting scenarios for Hololens in education

At TED 2016 , Alex Kipman from the Microsoft Hololens team, talked about how we see the future of 3D holograms. We have talked about Hololens before - there are some great videos on the Hololens website - and we have demonstrated scenarios for Hololens in education the past. The TED presentation hinted again at what an interesting future we're going to see when Hololens... Read more

What a 21st Century career looks like in the UK

Want to inspire students with their career options (and also demonstrate how pervasive technology is going to be in their future lives?) This video, from the UK Surface team, is very different from what you’d expect from a Careers guidance session at school. In fact, there’s a bunch of things in here that I hadn’t even thought of as a career choice, and so it’s eye... Read more

Hololens in education – case study video

The team working on the Microsoft Hololens are quietly working on creating ambitious new ways of achieving new things - you've hopefully seen some of the demonstrations that they've given at global events like Build and the Windows 10 announcement earlier in the year (if not, jump here). And that includes working on uses for Hololens in education, and imagining some of the... Read more

The Twelve Days of Christmas according to a Microsoft in Education Expert Educator

Wondering just what you can do with a Microsoft Surface? Need to know more about how other educators are using them? This post will give you a bunch of ideas about the sue of Surface Pro 3 in education Our Expert Educators in Australia and New Zealand are an amazing bunch of inspirational and innovative professionals. Matthew O'Brien has just written 12 blog posts in a row,... Read more

Why a Surface Pro 3 is different

For some reason, this advert was out nearly 3 months ago but I never noticed it. Maybe it's because at the time I didn't have a Surface Pro (in the same way that you don't notice how many identical cars there are on the road until you get one that's the same). Or maybe at the moment I'm following a lot of teachers on Twitter that have started to discover what having a device... Read more

How OneNote helps students with assignment, notes and getting organised

Yesterday I shared a video (How OneNote makes a classroom difference) from Carey Academy in North Carolina, who shared how they were using OneNote to support new ways of teaching and learning. Today, I’m going to share the next part of the story, which is their students’ perspective on how they use OneNote to support their learning through things like note-taking... Read more