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Content Curation for Teachers

“A content curator is a person who finds, collects, organizes and shares the most relevant and the best items for a particular collection. With this, content curation is basically archiving and curating within the digital world.” Rohit Bhargava There are so many sites for students to use when researching that sometimes searching for the best information can take... Read more

How students can work together on the same Office documents in real time

The Microsoft Office suite has always had ways for different authors to work on the same document – but the reality for many people is that they often simply circulate a document via email, then people make changes and email the document back to the sender. And then somebody has to bring all the changes into a final document. But you haven’t had to do it this way for years... Read more

Learn more about the Office DevCamps in Sydney and Melbourne

At the beginning of February, we've got a team of developers and trainers coming over to Sydney and Melbourne to run free Office DevCamps, for anybody who wants to develop apps for Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint and the Office Web Apps) to get listed in the new Office Store. As the vast majority of computers in classrooms in Australia have Microsoft Office... Read more

Ten of the best – SharePoint School websites

A colleague asked me to recommend some school websites built on SharePoint, that they could share with others. After I’d finished it for him, I thought I’d pop it into a PowerPoint for others - and then go further by popping up a quick blog post too. Here’s my take on 10 School SharePoint websites that are worth looking at for design ideas and inspiration -... Read more

Google Apps to support modern browsers – only

Not sure what to make of this news this morning, and definitely not sure what comment to add on this. So I'll go for the completely factual presentation of something I've just read on the Google Enterprise Blog. I know this is relevant to education customers and partners, because when we talk about our [email protected] email service (which is a Gmail competitor) we are always asked... Read more