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Transforming the Learning Process by Making an App with Project Siena

Continuing the theme of trying new tools and apps in the classroom in this new year, Matthew Jorgensen has prepared another set of tips and a new tool to try out in your class; Project Siena. It has been just over a year into my admission into the Microsoft extended family, and I am STILL discovering new stuff that can make a difference for me as a teacher, as well as my... Read more

2015 Microsoft NSW Schools Roadshow – Next Level Learning

Each year we've worked with other partners to run a regional Microsoft NSW schools roadshow right around the state. And it's back again...the team road trip, just in time for winter! Basically, we're running quality, free, relevant and hands-on education technology workshops, which don't happen often. This May and June, Microsoft will be offering hands-on workshops across... Read more

MIXing it Up – Using Microsoft Office Mix to Improve Learning

Repost from Microsoft in Education UK Schools Blog Office Mix is a new additional function to give super powers for PowerPoint. Quite often educators refer to a blank presentation as a ‘blank canvas’ and to some extent that has been true if you think of this in terms of words and pictures. PowerPoint Presentations are just that, a blank canvas, there are no bad... Read more

Awesome Apps for Assessment and Marking

Guest Post by Mel Cahill Being on summer holidays and traveling has made me even more aware of my need to work smarter and more efficiently, mainly so I can spend more time traveling and less time thinking about work. Traveling in countries that don’t speak English can make things quite difficult. Two Windows Phone apps that have been a real luxury have been the... Read more

SAMR Meets Microsoft

The SAMR Model of technology integration is used by many teachers across the globe to ensure their use of technology leads to better learning outcomes for students. After reading lists of learning activities and apps sorted into this continuum using other platforms, we thought it might be nice to create a list of how Microsoft apps, services and software might fit into this... Read more

New Moodle Mobile app released for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Moodle for Windows 8 and Windows Phone has been available as an app since August this year – through the “Moodle Mobile” app. Just last week, the latest version was released – Moodle Mobile 1.9 – which has a updated look and feel and is designed to be more user friendly. It allows your students to access your Moodle LMS when they’re mobile and they don’t need to... Read more