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Helping their university save over $1m–Coventry’s IT team

It's always interesting to read about projects where IT costs have been reduced by the IT team of a university, and I've had this in my 'must share' list for a while. Coventry University saves £1m/$1.5m with virtualised network and management tools As there's a full case study on the Microsoft website about the different activities undertaken by the Coventry University... Read more

Win a limited edition Xbox package for trying out Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012

At last, after a long semester, the summer holidays are just around the corner for many Australian education institutions (or may even have started if you're lucky). In my experience, the last couple of days before the students finish, and the first couple of weeks of the holiday tend to be manic – lots of last minute projects, plus a bunch of new projects that absolutely... Read more

How a university saved $1.5m with virtualisation and management tools

When I left the UK to move to Australia, we'd already had a few years of significant pressure on public sector budgets, and education had taken the hit alongside other sectors. At the time, there was a lot of talk about 'back office functions' as opposed to 'frontline services', and in many cases that meant that the budget cuts were made in areas where there was little direct... Read more

Another free technical ebook for Kindle and PDF – Windows Server 2012

The Microsoft Press team have just released another free ebook, with downloadable versions of Introducing Windows Server 2012 ebook. This is a technical ebook – it’s not for the average user, but if you want to understand what’s new in Windows Server 2012, it’s a good way of getting up to speed. It’s available in a variety of formats: Introducing Windows Server 2012... Read more

Reduce costs by virtualising Blackboard onto Hyper-V

According to analysts, one of the drivers for IT changes in Australian universities services is the need to continue to drive down cost of delivering IT services. That’s not only for planned changes (eg new systems and services), but also for existing projects, where there is an opportunity to cut the cost of existing service delivery. One way to reduce the cost of your IT... Read more